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We are the proud branding, website and digital content partner for the The Argyle Theatre of Babylon, NY. 

The opportunity to rebuild, launch and maintain a local historical landmark has been honor. As a team we took a

look at the history of the village, exploring options inspired by the theatre's roots coupled by the owners vision.

We found our inspiration in the architecture and village vibe. 


Brand Identity, Digital Content,

Promotion Video and Print, Playbill Design and Development. 


The Argyle Theatre



We had the opportunity to join the team of dreamers restoring and reviving the historical Argyle Theatre of Babylon Village – which is my hometown.


Inspired by the unique architecture and history,

we developed the new mark, funky alternatives and

a fresh social media look.  The cool stamp or cuff-link logo based on the facade worked as simple, own-able look. 


NewBreed designs and maintains the Argyle’s full 360 universe of content and promotional calendar.

From the show main graphics, to sizzle videos We are constantly creating and updating content, awards, reviews, and events.

We are also developing all the print content and design In house. From cover design to editorial content we are creating a seamless brand voice.


We shoot and cut each sizzle video, adding some drama and excitement to feed. These videos are used for

broadcast promos, online paid ads and social media content. with Over 150k impressions within 2 weeks of opening night, they play a major part of 

media impressions funnel 

Video Content

Holistically we develop the strategy and content, including “snack-able” videos constantly keeping the stream of content fresh. Varying in subject matter and style, We keep people looking and loving the brands voice.

We developed the Grand Opening launch videos within a few months. We also develop each shows sizzle video, shooting the final dress rehearsals and cutting a quick :60 on the fly. 

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