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After tasting thousands of barrels, Jonathan and wife Jennifer, decided it was time to create their own brand K.LUKE, sharing their love of Whiskey and family with you. This blend is a combination of mash bills CONTAINING up to 36% RYE from Kentucky and Indiana creating a balanced blend of straight Bourbon whiskies. bottled non-chill filtered at 100 proof for your enjoyment. K.LUKE is a tribute to both of their children Kaitlyn and Lucas. 


Naming, Logo and Packaging Design, Sales Kit, Social Media Content, Brand Video, Website


K.Luke Whiskey Co.




The Spirit of Blending.

Every barrel of aged Bourbon patiently awaits freedom. 

Master Blenders are born with the key, rooted in tradition, driven by a unique calling. Using years of experience and a special palate to perfectly blend an array of  barrels, ages, and Bourbons into legendary whiskey.  K.Luke Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a perfect blend of Kentucky and Indiana Bourbon, producing a multi-layered whiskey experience, embodying the spirit of blending and a modern take on tradition.

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