We had the opportunity to work with our friends during the launch of Swell Taco just before they exploded. 

With a very small budget we develop a grass roots social media event and content strategy.  


Social Media Campaign and Content Strategy and Developement 


Swell Taco



With a very small budget, a cool restaurant, and the help of one time burrito rollers and now legendary local band Soul Junkies, we created Music Video of a new and original SWELL TRACK. 

We spread the word and invited everyone to join the shoot and hear the new track live for the first time. The rest is history, 


Lets Go. Swell Taco.mp3Soul Junkies
00:00 / 02:41


This video gained massive traction

hitting 100k views quickly. 

We used the local grass culture

to help propel a moment. 

Swell Taco has gone on to great success opening additional locations, catering trucks and is still the go-to  for great food and chill vibe...so Let's Go!

Promotional launch calendar.

The video shoot created tons of content and footage that we chopped into hundreds of social media clips and pics. 

We asked people to share thier #LETSGO moment on our social pages and the owners would award a favorite weekly. 


To continue and further fan the buzz by curating the content calendar, refreshing the mix with new tasty food shots and location culture pics.