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With premium spirit trends leaning towards high-end Rums being the next bourdon.

We thought it was time to Initiate a new ritual…drinking Rum neat. With mysterious Central American origins and ancient traditions, we introduced you to the lighthouse from the storm, the new leader in Rum.


Brand Positioning and Launch Strategy, Design, Social Media Content, Design and Development. 2020 US consumer campaign in the works. 


Phenomenal Spirits


2017 - Present

A new ritual has emerged. One born from sacred traditions and extraordinary ingredients nourished by Izalco. A ritual that worships above all else authenticity, ingredients, culture, and tradition. A true 10 year, RON IZALCO evokes the fires of ancient traditions, modern craftsmanship

and sacred ingredients. The next conquest is yours to worship.

Ron Izalco. #TheNewRitual


A new ritual has emerged. 

NewBreed designed and manages the brand site by creating and updating content, awards, and events daily. 

We are building the US promotional launch

Now for fall 2019.

The New Ritual 

Being native to Central American and particularly El Salvador. We found an interesting RITUAL that would elevate our events and deepen the connection to the brands CTA. 

A 100 year old tradition where a Brujo, a wizard tells guests fortunes through cigar smoke and dance. This ritual is still performed all through Central America. We are planning USA 2019 launch guerrilla events in cigar shops, events, and public popups. 

Trade Connection

The message of THE NEW RITUAL is also 

resonating with the trade audience, delivering 

gold and silver last year.  The rally cry is the same on the Trade, the new ritual is Ron Izalco. 

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